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Sometimes the creative process takes a turn u didnt know was there!

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   Reading other peoples blogs are imtimidating. But, even though I am new to this site, I know I am a good writer. It may not be anything that appeals to others. There may never be readers. But, just the fact that I have chosen to write: thats the point.
   I have something to say and I have finally chosen a platform in which to write. Thats the most important thing.
   So, I choose not to be intimidated by the other writers. I hope my writing will improve. I hope, eventually, I will find an audience. But, for the moment, for today, I am writing. Thats the key.



Have wanted to write forever. Used to write fiction. Could never finish a story. Have all kinds of stories in my mind that I create & tell myself all the time. My imagination keeps me sane, I think. When I’m at my lowest, most distressed, I lose those stories.

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